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LENS: Patented advanced optical lens enhances the light output and enables a 180-degree viewing angle, which makes our lights the most visible and safest in snow and fog.

REFLECTOR: Patented reflector diffuses the light within the unit and distributes an even light output. The patented interruptions on the surface of the reflector simulate the LED cluster effect with fewer LEDs.

CIRCUIT BOARD: SMT (Surface Mount Technology) design PCBs are designed to support high-speed volume production. X-ray quality control minimizes the defective rate to one in 10 million parts placed.

EPOXY: Fire retardant epoxy protects the electronics from moisture and vibration. The unit will operate continuously without problems even if the lens is broken and the light is filled with water or submersed in the water.

WIRE HARNESS: Wires in the wire harness used in all our lamps are designed and produced with a proprietary manufacturing technique that stops the water from sipping up the wire. No other company in the industry does this.